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English   The new Neoplan Jetliner
21.07.2012 von admin

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The new Neoplan Jetliner
  • The jet among combination buses: The versatile combination talent among premium buses for everyday use
  • The perfect entry model to the premium segment coming with an extensive range of standard features and shining with Sharp Cut Design
  • NEOPLAN Jetliner with a length of 12 metres, Jetliner C with a length of 13 metres

High-end estate cars are the success story in the realm of passenger vehicles, acquiring new market shares every year: They make a distinguished impression at business appointments, cover any long distances in style and confidence, make you look good on your night out at the opera, and haul the whole family including baby and pram out to the country on the weekends. NEOPLAN's new Jetliner now brings this successful vehicle concept to the world of buses: this elegant bus is an efficient and versatile transportation tool for workdays, evenings, and weekends alike – while always impressing with the stylish ambiance of a premium tour bus.

With the Jetliner, NEOPLAN are now expanding their versatile range of models by an entry-level model to the premium segment of tour buses. The Jetliner is a genuine NEOPLAN! As a combination bus, it is the perfect solution for a wide range of uses - from tour bus all the way to regular-service bus. What must a bus offer to meet all these requirements? The deep-seated and spacious comfort of a genuine tour bus, with large storage volume, excellent driving properties, and high-end materials options for the interior. Its floor height of 1,070 millimetres is the basis of its use as "double earner". It allows maximum flexibility for the choice of seating, offers up to 8 m³ of storage volume, and has the perfect access height for use in regular-service operation. The high standards set for the vehicle's interior design are met by a large selection of high-quality fabrics for the seats and coverings. A comprehensive standard safety package guarantees outstanding driving safety round the clock.

The Jetliner brand looks proudly back at its nearly 40 years of tradition with NEOPLAN. The newly presented generation embodies the idea of a compact-sized combination bus featuring the Sharp Cut Design popular from the other NEOPLAN top models. All these features are embodied by the new Jetliner with its compact outer dimensions, its vehicle height of 3.4 metres, and its turning radius of 21 metres for the 12-metre model. Old historical town centres with narrow winding roads and low gateway passages are barely an obstacle to the Jetliner. It is this extraordinary combination of features which gives the Jetliner its special status while offering the customer an outstanding degree of flexibility for the vehicle's use both in the travel and regular-service segments.

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